Align your mind and body with jewellery from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection

January 27, 2020 4 min read

These days, putting on Zodiac Jewellery has become a new fashion. With Zodiac Jewellery, one can express his / her birth month in a very unique way. Merry Belle presents its Zodiac Jewellery collection made with precious gemstones. The Jewellery is embraced with rare and expensive diamonds. Aquarius Necklace Precious stones, two kinds of gold, coloured sapphires and diamonds are beautifully knotted together to form a perfect necklace. Aquarius Necklace from the collection “Zodiac” by Merry Belle is for those who are shy and quiet but full of energy. Pisces Pendant Pisces-born people can safely make wishes and let them come true in the form of Fish Necklace. It is a wonderful Zodiac Collection Jewellery presented by Merry Belle. It comes in free size and perfectly studded with Topaz, Amethyst, Diamond and moon stones. Aries Necklace A fine masterpiece from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection, the Aries Necklace is made using sparkling diamonds and coloured sapphires along with two animal profiles. All of the compositions are studded to form a simple, elegant and unique Jewellery. Taurus Necklace It is a true masterpiece of Jewellery art presented by Merry Belle. Necklace holds both the power and the might of the zodiac sign and coloured with deep shades of rare stones. Tiger’s eye, Grenade, Diamond and Demantoid are beautifully placed together to form Taurus necklace. Gemini Pendant  Stones like yellow gold, white gold, diamonds and coloured sapphires are placed beautifully along with two animal Gemini character. The pendant comes in free size. It is the perfect masterpiece revealed by Merry Belly. The pendant is perfectly designed for dual-natured Gemini. Cancer Necklace  This amazing piece from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection specially designed with elegance for creative and passionate souls born with Cancer zodiac. The size of the necklace is free but consists of stones like moonstone, citrine, topaz and demantoid. Stones are beautifully scattered throughout the necklace in different shades like blue and light yellow. Leo Necklace  For people born with Leo, colours and effects matter a lot. Therefore, Merry Belle’s Leo necklace consists of colourful citrine and grenades stones. In ‘Lion’ shaped necklace from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection, Leo zodiac character (Lion) is the center of attention. Virgo Pendant  This pendant from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection is beautifully designed for those who have a great sense of humanity. Diamonds, coloured sapphires, two kinds of gold are perfectly joined together along with a Virgo zodiac character. Different sizes of sapphire adds beauty and elegance to the pendant. Libra Pendant Merry Belle’s Libra Pendant is a perfect match for people born with Libra zodiac. Because Libra-born are fair, peaceful and hate on being alone therefore they need this pendant as it is a collective design consisting of different stones of various colours. Precious top sapphire in Libra pendant is the center of attraction. Scorpio Necklace It is one of the most beautiful pieces in Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection. The necklace is designed in Scorpio zodiac character and studded with eye-catching and sparkling colours. Gemstones have beautified the necklace entirely without leaving the scope for any smallest detail. A big size gemstone is the center of attraction in the ‘Scorpion’ necklace. Sagittarius Necklace Pink sapphires, blue sapphires, black diamonds and other diamonds are beautifully embodied in Sagittarius Necklace from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection. Precious gemstone in different sizes are placed throughout the necklace to increase lavishness of the Sagittarius Necklace. Capricorn Pendant People born with Capricorn zodiac are traditional and responsible therefore Capricorn Pendant from Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection is perfect for them. Pendant has a Capricorn-zodiac character as a center of attraction along with hangings of colourful sapphires. Final Words No matter in which month you were born, you will definitely find your zodiac Jewellery in Merry Belle’s Zodiac Collection. Jewellery will match perfectly with your personality and style. Merry Belle’s Pendants, necklaces and other Jewellery are crafted with world’s finest gemstones coupled with gold so they can add value to the wearer.