Crowns of the World


The luxurious brand Merry Belle solemnly opened its first perfume and jewelry collection ‘Crowns of the World’, which brings together 20 unique Kingdoms of the world with its own ideology, culture, customs and traditions, but united by one universal and amazing fragrance, outstanding and rich. The illusion of involvement in something wonderful and great is created not only by the ingredients, but by their magical combination. Although the ingredients are very tricky! The outstanding combination of oriental saffron in a poetic plexus with Indian jasmine creates a floral top of the fragrance, the heart notes are permeated with amber-woody notes and sensual ambergris, which are wrapped by white cedar like magic smoke.

The filling is truly luxurious: the saffron of the most expensive variety is the Spanish Coupe, extremely saturated with aroma and color, because of using the upper petals of the stigmas of saffron flowers. The rare cedar deodar grows only in the mountainous country Atlas in the Himalayas, at an altitude of 1100 to 4400 meters. It must be freshly cut, which makes its sound more sonorous and deep than that of the traditional woody cedar note. Ambergris, which in ancient times the Egyptians used instead of incense, and the rich Greeks added to wine to enhance the taste, is responsible for mysticism and solemnity in the aroma of perfume and jewelry collection ‘Crowns of the World’.

A naturalistic and very "voluminous" fragrance, causing a lot of olfactory impressions, is placed in skillful unique flacons made of multi-colored glass, completely encrusted with precious metals and stones such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, pearls. Completing the aesthetically impeccable composition is the crown of the kingdom to which it belongs, the jewelers of the Merry Belle brand have created an incredibly exact copy of the real world monarchical symbols of power.