Once upon a time in Paris, there was an eternal Romantic. One day our Romantic met a beautiful girl, fell in love with her and recognized her as his Queen. They got married and a year later gave life to the beautiful daughter Merry Belle – the manifestation of their bold love. The Romantic wanted to immortalize his great unearthly feelings for the most beloved women of his life, and one morning at dawn, he sat down to draw. The most beautiful jewellery that can be only imagined was on his sketches: sapphires like the azure of the Seine, diamonds like the glitter of the eyes of lovers, emeralds like the first spring leaves in Jardin des Plantes, rubies as bright and ardent as passion. Each piece of jewellery was imbued and saturated with love and hope and joy and happiness. Each gemstone was carefully selected with impeccable care to achieve perfection. So was born the brand Merry Belle – a sophisticated French brand for true royalty – imbued with light and rays of everlasting love for the women closest to the Romantic: his wife the Queen and his daughter Merry Belle. They became the main inspiration for the exquisite collections presented here.

Merry Belle is to see the unearthly in the earthly.