Four Seasons

Four Seasons Collection


The arrival of spring became an inspiration of the new Spring jewelry collection from Merry Belle, impressed by outlandish pink magnolias, delicate and tender lilies of the valley, miniature amadins and luxurious posh lilies. The floral motifs of the collection are made in a talented jewelry workshop using high-quality precious stones and immaculate cut. All the finest diamonds, morganites, sapphires, garnets and pearls were chosen in the best traditions of the works of the Merry Belle brand for the new collection.
The new Spring collection by Merry Belle includes necklaces, bracelets and earrings for mom and daughter. Some of the items are made in two versions, presenting a wide choice for any sophisticated taste of a person accustomed to quality, luxury and exclusive products.
The collection is designed to emphasize the exclusivity and individuality of the look of mother and her daughter, endowing it with luxury, brilliance and status.